Jane feels blessed to be able to work in an area that she is so passionate about. She loves music and is so fortunate to be able to share her enjoyment of music with all who come through her studio. She also feels most blessed to be able to support herself in this way, and would like to make a difference in the lives of those not so fortunate.

KidsXpress is a dynamic program for children 4-14yrs who have faced challenges, loss and or trauma in their lives. We believe Playing it Forward will help make a difference. Watch the video below to find out more about this organisation or go to www.kidsxpress.org.au

Mansek Music School, Ghana
Jane was inspired when she was able to travel to Ghana early in 2013. The Stellar community had raised funds and local community members had donated unused musical instruments, so that Jane was able to take another suitcase full of instruments, music, reeds and strings. These gifts were much appreciated by African school, as was the tuition that Jane was able to offer during her stay. We continue to have close links with this growing school in Ghana.