Our Courses

Stellar Music School’s syllabus covers all elements of music, and the aim is always that the lessons will be fun and inspiring as well as educational. In addition to covering technique, music theory, sight-reading, aural, harmony and rhythm, our teachers will choose repertoire which resonates with the students.


Jane’s earliest music education was in a small group setting, and she loved her keyboard classes. The method included composition, note-reading, singing, rhythm and playing. Jane wonders if she has perfect pitch now as a result of her early education, which so wonderfully covered all aspects of music.

Stellar’s piano and keyboard teachers meet each student at their level of competence and choose repertoire that enthuses students while helping to develop a sense of accomplishment and growing musicality.


While it is thought that serious vocal training is best left until the teen years, Stellar Music School offers general early training for younger students who love to sing. They will be taught breath-control, phrasing, interpretation and performance. If in a group of two, the class setting also provides opportunities for group learning with harmony, theory, sight-reading and song-writing being taught. The lessons will explore songs which the students request, as well as diverse genres such as folksong, pop, rock, music theatre, country, jazz, rounds, classical and Disney.

Trumpet, Trombone and Violin

Trumpet, Trombone and Violin are also taught in private lessons.


We are delighted to offer acoustic, folk, electric and bass guitar lessons. As with all instruments taught at Stellar Music School, the lessons are practical but also include all aspects of music, including rhythm, theory, history and genres. Guitar students are taught picking and strumming through both popular repertoire and improvisation.

Preschool Music Teaching

Jane is also an Early Years Music Specialist who performs and teaches groups of 3-5 year olds the elements of music using songs, percussion and humour.
She covers beating in time, playing and singing fast and slow, singing rounds, pitch (high or low), dynamics (loud or soft), different instruments, and composers.

Reach out to Jane through our Contact page for more details.

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