Welcome to Stellar Music School

Established in Lindfield in 2009, local musician Jane Stewart set up Stellar Music School to provide music lessons taught in an inspiring and fun way. Students are taught in small classes to maintain individual attention and to practically introduce the concepts of harmony, theory, rhythm and ensemble playing. This integrated music education is currently offered for keyboard, singing, trumpet, euphonium, guitar, clarinet, saxophone, violin and theory.

About Us

Jane began her own music tuition with a group class at the age of three. She was able to read and write music, and composed songs, before she could read and write.

Jane feels strongly that the success of a music teacher depends on their ability to connect with their students and inspire them. All teachers at Stellar Music School are musicians who have performance experience in their instruments, are passionate about music, and love to connect with young people.

We teach all aspects of music and cover the many genres of music, but also strive to find each student’s individual passion.

Our Courses

Jane believes that the group setting can enhance the learning experience in many ways. Children are most accustomed to learning in a group at school. There are many musical benefits of group tuition, including ensemble playing, and a practical understanding of harmony. The fact that others are present can be an enormous motivator in achieving and progressing. A healthy sense of competition certainly improves results, whereas a child in a private lesson who does not practice may never move forward.

One of the special joys of being a musician (and one which Jane never experienced in her childhood private piano lessons) is the ability to make music together. Inspired by all the work Jane has done with choirs and ensembles, she was inspired to start her own music school which offers quality tuition in small groups.

Stellar Music School currently offers an integrated music education in the following areas:

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What people say

“Jane has been accompanying my son for both his school and AMEB exams for the past 5 years. They had a great rapport from the first time they played together, and Jane’s musicianship and professionalism always instills him with confidence for his performances.”

Elizabeth Buzby, Lindfield, NSW